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The Court of France 1789-1830

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 5 January 1989, 224 pages, ISBN: 0521309956
Paperback: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 19 September 1991, 224 pages, ISBN 0521423988
[as La Cour sous la Révolution, l’Exil et la Restauration, 1789-1830] Paris, Tallandier, 15 February 1989, 286 pages, ISBN 2235017819
[as La Corte di Francia] Milan, Rizzoli, June 1991, ISBN 8817335320

This attractively illustrated volume describes the succession of courts and monarchies in France 1789–1830, from the revolutionary period to the fall of Charles X. It shows decisively that the revolution resulted in a stronger monarchy and a larger and more elitist series of courts than had existed previously. The book is based on many years of research in public and private archives throughout Europe. New light is thrown on the nature of the French revolution and on the character and policies of Louis XVI, Napoleon I, Louis XVIII and Charles X, who led their courts through periods of unprecedented formality and splendour.

‘Philip Mansel is the leading historian of courts, past and present, European and exotic… His books is a masterful account based on extensive research…Mansel writes with elegance and lucidity, in a style appropriate to his subject… a masterpiece of research and historical insight’ Richard Cobb (The Spectator)

‘an important analysis of this hitherto neglected element in the dramatic events of the Revolutionary period’ Rosalind Marshall (The Scotsman)

‘a thorough account of an important institution, a subtle assessment of royal, courtly and aristocratic ethos and a valuable perspective on French elite politics’ Jeremy Black (Country Life).

‘An excellent work…based on vast reading of primary sources…There are frequent comparative excursions across national boundaries.’ Richard Vinen, History Today.